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Sexual health is an integral part of us. I believe the four pillars of wellness are mental, physical, spiritual, and sexual health. Total health incorporates all aspects of our sexuality including STI risk, sexual interests, turn ons, and erotic fantasy. When we explore our sexuality, we understand ourselves in a wholistic way. It offers an opportunity to more deeply connect with ourselves and our partners. I work with individuals and couples to navigate the often embarrassing and shaming conversations about sex.

sexual health principles

Sexual health principles offer us a guide in understanding, regulating, and managing our sexual behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. For more information, visit The Harvey Institute (https://www.theharveyinstitute.com/six-principles-of-sexual-health).

  • Consent

  • Non-exploitative

  • Honest

  • Shared Values

  • Protected from STI, HIV, and Unwanted Pregnancy

  • Pleasure

chem/sex link

People often have a complex relationship with chemical substance use and sex (chem/sex link). Some people do not have sex without being altered by alcohol or drugs. Some reasons for chem/sex link are a trauma history, shameful sexual and erotic interests, increased pleasure experience, abusive relationships, or discomfort with body image. When this behavior is problematic, it interferes with full understanding of sexuality.

Out of Control sexual behavior (OCSB)

Out of control sexual behavior (often referred to as sex addiction) is a term used to describe difficulty in regulating sexual behavior, thoughts, urges, and negative consequences. This is not a diagnostic term and is determined by the difficulty and distress in each individual’s life. Feelings of hopelessness can be overwhelming.

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